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Matcha Me Tonight (Medium Matcha)

Tonight’s the night where we make our wishes and dreams come true. Don’t lose hope, don’t lose sight, just tell me one thing, will you Matcha me tonight?
Will you Matcha Me Tonight?
Specially curated for those of you who seek authentic matcha without the bitterness to the palate. It is medium sweet with a fine creamy texture.

Matcha Me Tonight is made with a moderate amount of single-origin matcha powder from Kamazuka, Kyoto. This gives a medium level of matcha-ness as you savour each spoonful of ice cream.

Matcha Eight premium ice cream is made fresh with 100% natural ingredients. It is therefore best to consume within a week after opening.

Matcha is highly sensitive to light. As we don’t use artificial colouring in our ice cream, you might notice a slight change of matcha colour after some time. It is perfectly normal and edible. It does not affect the taste and quality of the ice cream at all.

Full Ingredients
Matcha powder, fresh cream, milk, sugar and egg yolk (yeap, that’s it!)

Tea Origin
Kamazuka, Wazuka town, Kyoto Prefecture

The farmer’s plantation in Kamazuka has a history of seven generations. The plantation produces a variety of premium tea leaves such as Kabuse sencha, Gyokuro and matcha. Matcha leaves are pulverized into fine powder using Usu, a traditional stone mill.


400ml (13.5 oz)

Nutrition Components per 100g
Energy 237kcal
Protein 5.3g
Total fat 17.8g
Carbohydrate 17.9g

Serving Ideas
Crispy Belgian waffle
Crush almonds topping
Strawberries topping

Care Tips
While eating straight from the pint is convenient and highly satisfying (we love it too), we may not do the ice cream justice because ice crystals tend to form on its surface after being exposed to different temperatures over time. A better practice: eat it from a bowl. As soon as you scoop up your desired portion of ice cream from the container, make sure you close the lid properly and store it back in the freezer.

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