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Ice Cream Guide

Discover your tea taste

Each of our ice cream flavours has a distinct taste of what our Master Chef Takahashi describes as a ‘unique character’. If you are new with Matcha Eight, we hope this guide will help you understand and choose the flavour that suits your taste buds.

Lovesick Girl
The sencha has a pleasant aftertaste that disappears quickly and smoothly. The taste is light, with a fine minty coolness.

The moderate sweetness and gentle bitterness of matcha lingers, followed by the rich, deep flavour of sencha and a clean, crisp aftertaste.

Maybe It’s Love
The mild and creamy taste of matcha is similar to that of a cup of frothy green tea. Light and easy, it is your everyday indulgence.

Matcha Me Tonight
This is a classic blend of Matcha Eight. This flavour balances creaminess with the moderate bitter-sweetness of matcha, appealing to everyone who loves the rich taste of matcha yet not overly intense.

Hocus Matcha-cus
The sensation of biting into a tea leaf.  It contains twice the amount of matcha in Matcha Me Tonight. An ice cream with a fine texture, made possible by the quality of the matcha used. This flavour is highly sought after by hardcore matcha lovers. An experience not to be missed. 

Melodrama Queen
The richest flavour of all, Melodrama Queen is dark in colour and relatively bitter, with a robust matcha aroma and taste. A perfect blend of matcha and sencha, its bitterness with the mild sweetness that follows is very pleasant and addictive.

This hojicha flavour is an all-time favourite for the sweet tooth! The roasted tea gives an earthy tone to the ice cream, often mistaken as chocolate flavour at a glimpse. Its long aftertaste of coffee-like is simply enticing for the palate. Many who don’t fancy tea ice cream will be surprised how likeable Hojilicious is.

Ho Ho Hoji
A double shot of Hojilicious, this flavour has an intense hojicha aroma tastefully balanced with strong roast bitterness that you have never experienced before. Such superior quality can only be achieved with the finest roasted tea leaves.

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