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Melodrama Queen (Strong Matcha, Tea Aftertaste)

I bring joy, I bring laughter, I bring tears, I bring boredom, I bring frustration, I bring confusion, I bring all the emotions the world has ever seen. Indeed, I am a tea-rific Melodrama Queen.

I bring joy, I bring laughter, I bring bitterness, I bring nostalgia. I bring all the emotions the world has ever seen. Indeed, I am a tea-rific Melodrama Queen.

Dubbed the strongest flavour in our matcha ice cream collection (and possibly in Malaysia), Melodrama Queen is bound to impress and steal the hearts of discerning connoisseurs.

The superior quality of matcha and sencha blend gives this flavour a natural dark emerald green feature.

We use more tea powder for this flavour, hence its slightly thicker-than-average texture yet adequately creamy with a tinge of sweetness and bitterness.

Each dollop of ice cream will leave you some tea aftertaste that lingers. Indeed, this is a satisfying moment for many, truly irresistible to the palates of Japanese tea ice cream lovers!

Full Ingredients
Matcha powder, sencha powder, milk, sugar, fresh cream and egg yolk (yeap, that’s it!)

Tea Origin
Shirasu and Naka, Wazuka town, Kyoto Prefecture

Our matcha producer in Shirasu inherited the tea growing business that was established during the Edo period known as the final period of traditional Japan (between 17th - 19th century).

Meanwhile in Naka, our sencha producer is continuing his family business for the fifth generation.


400ml (13.5 oz)

Nutrition Components per 100g
Energy 242kcal
Protein 6.0g
Total fat 17.7g
Carbohydrate 18.9g

Serving Ideas
Ice blended matcha float
Shibuya Toast

Care Tips
While eating straight from the pint is convenient and highly satisfying (we love it too), we may not do the ice cream justice because ice crystals tend to form on its surface after being exposed to different temperatures over time. A better practice: eat it from a bowl. As soon as you scoop up your desired portion of ice cream from the container, make sure you close the lid properly and store it back in the freezer.

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