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Hocus Matcha-cus (Strong Matcha, Bitter Aftertaste)

Hocus Matcha-cus is the strongest matcha ice cream you'll ever tasted. Flavorful with bitter aftertaste, it's a bite you must take.
...and from this slumber you shall awake, when Hocus Matcha-cus, is the bite you take!

We unanimously agree that Hocus Matcha-cus is delightfully intense with its distinct bitter aftertaste - a result of twice the amount of matcha powder used in Matcha Me Tonight.

Mildly sweet with a rich aroma of matcha, the taste very much resembles that of matcha desserts you might have tried in Kyoto, Japan. Our Master Chef Takahashi hails from the historical city, as a matter of fact.

In Malaysian slang, we call this Matcha ice cream “kaw”. If you are someone looking for a pure taste of Kyoto, this could just be it.

Full Ingredients
Matcha powder, fresh cream, sugar, milk and egg yolk (yeap, that’s it!)

Tea Origin
Naka, Wazuka town, Kyoto Prefecture

Originating from a small area called Nagao in Naka, matcha leaves from this farm grow on a mountain which is blessed with excellent soil conditions and sunny weather. For frost protection, our farmers cover matcha leaves a little earlier than usual. This step also helps to produce tea leaves of richer aroma and brighter colour. The plantation was established circa 1920.


400ml (13.5 oz)

Nutrition Components per 100g
Energy 243kcal
Protein 5.9g
Total fat 17.7g
Carbohydrate 18.7g

Serving Ideas
Matcha float
Adzuki beans topping
Plain mochi topping

Care Tips
While eating straight from the pint is convenient and highly satisfying (we love it too), we may not do the ice cream justice because ice crystals tend to form on its surface after being exposed to different temperatures over time. A better practice: eat it from a bowl. As soon as you scoop up your desired portion of ice cream from the container, make sure you close the lid properly and store it back in the freezer.

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